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"not right, not wrong" 2014

transparent gwen stefani~

The Luminous Portrait by Elizabeth Messina

The highlight of my teenage years


Hooping probs

Praying that my hoops will make it thru airport security unmolested tomorrow..

I am hoop jesus. 
Got these minis a few weeks ago and am still working on my coordination with 2 hoops but really love the size (25”). Much easier to do hand and offbody tricks with than my 38” polypro.

summoning the hoop spirit <3


Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christina Kruse & Kirsty Hume



Unlike the beautiful 6-year old Jonbenett Ramsey who received coverage all over the media - every tabloid, newspaper, news channel, talk show, 7-year old Aiyana Stanley was killed by a police officer during a raid while she was sleep and her murder received very little coverage.
Police, searching for a murder suspect, threw a flash grenade through the window of her family’s apartment around midnight. According to Aiyana’s father, it landed on the couch, setting Aiyana on fire. A police officer’s gun then went off, and shot Aiyana in the neck.
Aiyana was asleep on the living room sofa in her family’s apartment when Detroit police, searching for a homicide suspect, burst in and an officer’s gun went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck, family members said.
Her father, 25-year-old Charles Jones, told The Detroit News he had just gone to bed early Sunday after covering his daughter with her favorite blanket when he heard a flash grenade followed by a gunshot. When he rushed into the living room, he said, police forced him to lie on the ground, with his face in his daughter’s blood.
“I’ll never be the same. That’s my only daughter,” Jones told.
We haven’t forgotten about you baby. R.I.P.

They dont care about us.

Goddamn why can’t people just practice fucking humanity. This is so fucking sad